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3H          Health Hunger and Humanity Grant ( of The Rotary Foundation)

AG          Assistant Governor

AMSE       Australian Matched Student Exchange

ANZO      Australia, New Zealand and places not included in any other Regions.

APF         Annual Programs Fund (of The Rotary Foundation)

ARH         Australian Rotary Health (Note was originally ARHRF)

AS           Ambassadorial Scholar

AusAID     Australian Aid

AVAC        Australia Vocational Advisory Committee

COG         College of Governors (The Past District Governors of District 9810)

COL          Council of Legislation (held 3 yearly)

DA            District Assembly

DDF          District Designated Funds (of The Rotary Foundation)

DG            District Governor

DGE          District Governor Elect

DGN          District Governor Nominee

DIK          Donations In Kind (An activity of RAWCS)

DRR          District Rotaract Representative

DSG          District Simplified Grants

eClub       internet based Rotary Club - eg eClubOne

EREY          Every Rotarian Every Year (Slogan of The Rotary Foundation)

FAIM          Fourth Avenue (of service) in Motion (An activity of RAWCS)

GETS          Governors Elect Training Seminar

GSE            Group Study Exchange - Program of The Rotary Foundation

IA              International Assembly (Attended by Incoming District Governors)

IPP                         Immediate Past President

IPAC          International Projects Advisory Committee (An activity of RAWCS)

MD             Major Donor (To The Rotary Foundation)

MG             Matching Grant

M&M          Membership & Marketing

MOP             Manual of Procedure

MSE             Matched Student Exchange

MUNA          Model United Nations Assembly

NG               New Generations ( collection of Youth programs)

NYSF             National Youth Science Forum (formerly NSSS - National Summer Science School)

PDG             Past District Governor

PETS             Presidents-Elect Training Seminar

PE                President Elect

PF                Permanent Fund of The Rotary Foundation

PHF             Paul Harris Fellow

PHF Saph          Paul Harris Fellow with Sapphire (US$2000 donated to The Rotary Foundation in this person name)

PHS             Paul Harris Society

PHSM          Paul Harris Sustaining Member

PN                President Nominee

PP                Past President

PR                Public Relations

Pres                President

Pres/PP          Club President who is also a Past President

PRLS             Potential Rotary Leaders Seminar

PROBUS          (Retired) Professional and Business (Club)

RAM                Rotarians Against Malaria

RAWCS             Rotary Australia World Community Service

RC                Rotary Club

RDU                Rotary Down Under

RFE                Rotary Friendship Exchange

RI                   Rotary International

RIBI                Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland

RITS                Rotary International Travel Service

RLI                Rotary Leadership Institute

ROMAC          Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children

ROTEX            Organisation of ex-Rotary Exchange Students

RRFC             Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator

RRVF             Rotary Recreational & Vocational Fellowships

Rtn             Rotarian

RV             Rotary Volunteer

RVC             Rotary Village Corps

RYDA             Roadsafe Youth Driver Awareness

RYLA             Rotary Youth Leadership Award

RYPEN           Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

SWSL             Safe Water Saves Lives (An activity of RAWCS)

TR                The Rotarian (Magazine)

TRF                The Rotary Foundation

UN                United Nations - Rotary has a seat at the UN

VP                Vice President

WASRAG          Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

WCS                World Community Service

WFK                Wheelchairs For Kids

YE or YEP          Youth Exchange Program (sometimes referred to as RYE - Rotary Youth Exchange or IYE: International Youth Exchange)

Acronyms for Rotary Fellowships -

There are many more on (Global Networking Groups)

ACHAFR       Antique, Classic and Historic Automobiles Fellowship of Rotarians

ICFR          International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians

ICUFR          International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians

IFBPR          International Fellowship of Bridge Playing Rotarians

IFFR          International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians

IFMR          International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians

IFRM          International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians

IFRSD          International Fellowship of Rotarian Scuba Divers

IFSR          International Fellowship of Scouting Rotarians

ISFR          International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians

ITFR          International Tennis Fellowship of Rotarians

ITHF          International Travel and Hosting Fellowship

IYFR          International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians

POLEPFR    Police and Law Enforcement Professionals Fellowship of Rotarians

RGHF          Rotary Global History Fellowship

ROAR          Rotary Organisation of Amateur Radio

ROTI          Rotarians on the Internet