1. Governor’s Newsletter
  2. District Highlights
  3. Website Changes
  4. Club Bulletins
  5. Club Member Updates
  6. Club Information Updates
  7. District Dues
  8. District Mail
  9. Insurance Claims, Certificates of Currency, Queries and Risk Assessments
  10. Rotary International Semi-Annual Dues
  11. District Banners
  12. Used Stamps
  13. Foreign Coins and Notes

1.Articles for the Governor’s Newsletter

Editor:  Greg AdamsRotary Club of Emerald & District

2.Information for “District Highlights & Events”

Editor:  Michael Ellinger - Oakleigh, Clayton, Huntingdale

3.Changes to the District Website

Webmaster:  Gus Rozycki Belgrave

4.Club Bulletins

Please include the following on your Club distribution list:
DG Ken Miller, DGE Ian Ballantine and your Club’s Assistant Governor.

5.Club Member Updates

Advice on new members inductions, member resignations, Rotary recognitions, change of members’ details must be added to the RI website by the club secretary as soon as possible after the event. 

6.Club Information Updates

Any changes in club venue, meeting time or other meeting arrangements must be added to the RI website by the club secretary as soon as possible after the event.  The same information must also be added to the D9810 Club Runner data.

7.District Dues

Invoices for District dues will be prepared and transmitted by the District Treasurer to whom all queries should be submitted.
District Treasurer:  Stephen Lowe  Waverley

8.District Mail

Rotary District 9810 no longer accepts paper mail items.  All communication is through internet resources.  Members will find email addresses through the Members’ log-in on this site or by using the Club Runner smart phone app.
District Secretary:   Judith Eadon    Nunawading

9.Insurance Claims, Certificates of Currency, Queries and Risk Assessments

All queries relating to Rotary insurance are to be directed to the District Insurance Officer.  Clubs are reminded that all new projects and events are subject to the completion of a Risk Assessment, which needs to be completed and submitted to the DIO before the event takes place.
Any Risk Assessment Forms pertaining to Youth Programs should be sent to the DIO and the District Youth Protection Officer.
District Youth Protection Officer:  Ken Mirams - Beaumaris
District Insurance Officer:  Marcus Robertson - Oakleigh, Clayton, Huntingdale
Deputy DIO: PDG  David Tolstrup

10.Rotary International Semi Annual Dues

Information available at rotary.org
Payment online or to: Rotary International, South Pacific & Philippines Office, PO Box 1415,  Parramatta NSW 2124.  See invoice for further information on payment.

11.District Banners

District keeps a modest library of Rotary banners available for clubs to borrow for promotional purposes on a short term basis.  The banners need to be booked early, signed-out, collected from the custodian and returned in good order.
District Banners:   Ken Miller - Emerald & District prior to being transferred to Oakleigh Clayton & Huntingdale storage unit

12.Used Stamps

Your used stamps, once trimmed & sorted will be sold.  Every dollar raised will go towards the Governor’s Partner Project which is End Polio Now.  For more information see Community Service
Contact:        Camille Rogers - Glen Waverley

13.Foreign Coin Collection for UNICEF

In 2014/15,  D9810 partnered with UNICEF to collect foreign coins and notes.   Since then the district has sent off 480kg of coins and 8 large parcels of notes which were valued at $14,500.
It is a NO COST project  for Rotary as security  pouches are transported  to us and returned,  paid for by Change Global Exchange the major collectors from banks around Australia. They also accept coins and notes which are no longer in circulation, including Australian ones. One Rotary club encourages the collection of 5 cent Australian coins to add to their collection.
UNICEF works in over 190 countries for the rights and welfare of all children. It supports children’s health needs, clean water, sanitation, quality basic education, and protection from violence, exploitation, and HIV. It has the same ideals as Rotary.
There are 28 clubs in the District who have contributed to date along with some churches, branches of Bendigo Bank, a local Sikh temple, and friends of Rotary. Put out a labelled container at your meetings to remind members.
Coin pickup: Ron Brooks will visit your club or elsewhere to collect coins and notes.
Foreign Coin Collection Coordinator:  Ron Brooks - Forest Hill