Background                                             Success Stories
Its been so much fun earning points at Noble Park - Dingley
Steps to success
Step 1 – You can use this form to help calculate your points
Step 2 – Click on here to start your points submission
Step 3 – View your clubs’ points score automatically on our Leader Board in real time
Step 4 – Contact our District Secretary Judith Eadon for to let her know that you wish to claim your rewards based on the number of points you have through the submission form in Step 2.
To make it fair for all clubs participating, please note in the garment range, that clubs will have the choice of Hoodies or Polos, not both.
Step 5 – Once verified, Judith will advise your club and ask your club to choose items from the rewards order form. Depending on how many points your club has, you can order one item or them all, it’s up to your club to earn as many points as possible on at least six activities.
Step 6 – Your brand-new rewards will be delivered and presented to your club within 3 - 4 weeks of placing the order.
Step 7 – Once points have been claimed, verified, and used, we will deduct these points from your total club reward points.
Step 8 – Have fun, enjoy the experience, and claim your Rotary Rewards now!!!
Your club can earn points towards items that will benefit your club. And its easy to be part of the program.
What can I receive?
Your choice of free hoodies, polos, caps, mugs, and pens.
How many Points do I need?
10,000 points for hoodies for all members with your club’s name
7,000 points for polos for all members with your club’s name
3,500 points for 30 generic Rotary caps
1,500 points for 20 generic Rotary mugs
1,500 points for 20 generic rotary pens
How many activities must I have to claim the rewards?
You must have a minimum of six (6) different activities from the list above.
Can I claim more than one item?
Yes, you can add up your points and claim as many items as you can, but you can only redeem points once.
How do I redeem points?
It’s easy, simply list the points you earn with proof. Its like keeping a log book.
For example,
  • I am claiming 5 new members. You need to provide their names and date of joining.
  • I am claiming I registered 10 members coming to the Conference. You need to list their name and date registered.
  • I am claiming that my members have visited five clubs. You need to list the clubs and dates visited. It doesn’t matter whether you have one member or the whole club attending, it is considered one visit. You can’t however claim two separate visits to the same club.
  • I am claiming a visit from a District Officer. You need to list who that person is and when they visited.
Where do I send my proof of activity?
You need to send your proof of activity to our District Secretary Judith Eadon for verification.
When can I start accumulating points?
You can start from July 1st 2022 until May 31st 2023.
Does my club pay anything?
No, it is funded completely from District.
Is this a win-win proposition?
Yes, for the District, it is a chance to reward clubs for the activities you are doing naturally and stimulate your club members in activities such as visiting other clubs, registering for the conference, or donating to Foundation.
For the clubs, it’s a chance to be rewarded for many of the achievements you already do. It doesn’t matter whether you are conducting service projects or updating your website, you can involve everyone.
Will it be advertised?
Yes, successful rewards clubs will be recognised in our District newsletters.
Our theme is - Imagine
So, Imagine All members of your club being presented with a special reward. How proud will you feel to give each member their very own club hoodie or polo shirt whilst serving the community, being part of an active district culture and attending a range of events.
So come on, join in the fun, and start earning reward points for your club.