1.Your Subscription

All Rotarians are required to subscribe to at least one Rotary publication.  Subscriptions can be in hard copy sent by post or on-line, soft copy. 
To change your preference see your club secretary or treasurer.

2.Rotary Down Under

RDU is the Australia and New Zealand Rotary magazine.  Rotarians in D9810 will automatically become subscribers to this magazine.  Rotarians who prefer to receive another magazine should contact their club Secretary or Treasurer.
For more information see  https://rotarydownunder.com.au/

3.The Rotarian

To see stories from the latest The Rotarian magazine see https://my.rotary.org/en/news-media/magazines/rotarian
Where there is more than one Rotarian in a household, there is an option to receive one copy of Rotary Down Under and one copy of The Rotarian.  For more information contact your club Secretary or Treasurer. 

4.Other Magazines

Rotary magazines are published in countries all around the world and in a range of languages.  To see a list, go to https://my.rotary.org/en/news-media/regional-magazines