The principal means of regular communication between the district governor, district committees, clubs and Rotarians in District 9810 is via the following:

“Highlights” an email based newsletter every month containing a light and quick view of what is happening in the District and in clubs.  This will be available to every Rotarian in the district via email and is intended to provide timely and controlled amounts of information in a clear html format.

Editor:    Michael Ellinger – email

The District Newsletter contains a record and reports of significant events in District 9810 and in the wider Rotary world

Newsletter editor: Gordon Pyke – email


The District 9810 Website (

The website is arranged in two sections, namely:

The main home page ( containing general information about Rotary programs for Rotarians, the general public, potential members and participants in Rotary programs.

The club & operations pages, accessed via a link at the top of the home page, complements the District Directory. These pages contain information about individual clubs and their programs, with links to club websites, as well as details of district committee roles and composition.

Webmaster:  Tim Lynn – email

Technical support:  Alexander Vladica – Digital Innovations

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