This is a message to any Rotarian in any capacity who has anything responsibilities regarding the publicity and promotion of their club or any of its activities. Use the Rotary Brand Centre!
Not only is this a great resource but by frequently visiting it, you will keep all your materials current.
The Brand Centre is more than just a collection of graphics and other materials. In it you will also find lots of ideas to help you promote your club and its projects. They will help you tell your club’s stories of service and impact continue to be updated and enhanced.
Help strengthen Rotary's brand and build awareness of your club by consistently and correctly using our People of Action messaging and brand elements in your communications.
People of Action - Find resources and tools to help you create materials that show your club members as people of action.
Promote Rotary - Learn how to use your website, your social media platforms, and local media outlets to promote your club. Find tips for organizing events, working with partners, and participating in speaking engagements.
Brand elements - Explore the elements that make up Rotary's brand and learn how to use them in all your communications.
By accessing the Brand Centre -
Learn how to apply our brand messaging to promote Rotary
Access images, videos, and promotional materials
Find easy-to-use and customizable templates
Build awareness and understanding of Rotary and the difference we make
The link to the Rotary Brand Centre is here
For those new to the Brand Centre there is a video on the home page to guide you.