Posted by Ian Ballantine on May 20, 2024
Preparing for Pilot launch
With only a few weeks to go until the next phase of our Regionalisation Pilot starts, our teams are in the final stages of preparation for the launch of the new operating model on 1 July 2024. There has been a lot of information flowing while the new model has been developing, and we encourage you to view the March 2024 Zone 8 Pilot Update, which is a great summary of where we are.
In this update:
  • An update from your Regional Council
  • An update on Rotary Community Leaders
  • An update on the Rotary Communities Nominee election
  • An update on Rotary Specialists
Regional Council update
The Regional Council is finalising arrangements for the start of our Pilot. The Corporate and Administration team is working hard to put in place solutions that will support the Regional Council’s operations – such as technology – and arrangements for the financing of the Pilot are being agreed upon.
As this work continues, Regional Council Portfolio Committees are continuing to finalise their goals and objectives, and the resources they will require to implement their strategies.  A significant component of the budget will be devoted to supporting Rotary Community Leaders as they undertake their important work facilitating their Rotary Community Groups to develop and implement their growth plans.
As previously shared, Membership, Public Image, Interact and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the first functions identified to transfer from Districts to the Regional Council from 1 July 2024.
All other functions and Rotary programs currently operated by Districts will continue for the time being. Discussions will commence shortly in relation to other areas of activity that can be transferred from Districts to the Regional Council.  These discussions will involve direct consultation with District leaders and stakeholders throughout the Pilot.
Rotary Community Leaders: Preparing to serve you
The majority of Rotary Community Leaders (RCLs) throughout Zone 8 are confirmed, and have begun an extensive learning and development program.  RCLs started last week with online sessions and will continue with in-person interactive workshops and modules from the Rotary Learning Centre. The focus is to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate their respective Rotary Community Group on its path to growth and success.
To learn who is your RCL and which clubs are in your Rotary Community Group, visit the Creating Tomorrow website.
Rotary Communities Nominee election
To ensure an immediate voice on the Regional Council, current Learning and Development Portfolio Lead Euan Miller has been appointed interim Rotary Community Nominee. Euan has been supporting preparations for training our RCLs over the last few months and will continue advocating for their needs in the short term.  
Once all RCLs are trained and working with the RCGs, they will vote to elect a Rotary Communities Nominee (RCN), a director on the Regional Council who will ensure the issues and views of RCLs will be considered in Regional Council decisions.
This election will take place in September 2024 to ensure the RCLs are well-established in their roles.
Rotary Specialists on standby to support you
Thank you to those who responded to our first invitation for expressions of interest to be a Rotary Specialist. Over the last few months the Specialist establishment team has gone through each of the impressive submissions by talented Rotarians and Rotaractors and has now informed each Rotary Specialist candidate of the outcome of their application.
We are always seeking passionate people to share their time and skills and if you are still interested but have not applied yet, it’s not too late to put yourself forward!
We’re looking for skilled individuals and teams to work with clubs in areas such as:
  • Conflict management
  • Strategic planning and governance
  • Club fundraising
  • Event management
No matter what your area of expertise is, if it is relevant to clubs you should consider applying! If you have submitted an expression of interest recently, the Specialist establishment team will get back to you soon.
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For and on behalf of the Regionalisation Pilot,
Dallas Booth and Neville Parsons
Regional Council Chair and Regionalisation Pilot Steering Group Chair