Posted by Barry Muldoon on May 30, 2024

This project gives security and hope to those who, for various reasons, have found themselves without a roof over their head. We are providing the accommodation for all  from rough sleepers to victims of family violence and those out of work and Homeless.
The Rotary Club Of Waverley first became involved when we heard of the properties obtained by the Victorian Government for the East Link project, which did not go ahead, had been given to the Salvation Army and Collingwood Football Club for homeless accommodation and thus was born the Magpies Nest Project.
There were 45 properties...
We met with Brendan Nottle of the Salvation Army and David Emerson of CFC and asked to join them in a partnership in which would allow us to provide rental properties in the Monash Area, and for us to pay 10% of the rental ,to which they agreed.
The properties would be furnished and the rental balance would be paid byCFC and the tenants would be sourced and supervised by the Salvos.
Over 6 years we have sourced and paid our 10% rental for 8 properties(presently5) ) and have had support from other clubs, Balwyn, OCH,Noble Park Dingley and others and hope many more will come on board,particularly those from our new community group two of 9815.
We hope also to widen our horizons to make this a 9815 District project and to assist the Magpies Nest project to provide further services to those in need.
    Please join us in this very worthwhile Project
    Barry Muldoon
    President And Homeless Chair Contact at