Posted by Ian Ballantine on Jun 17, 2024

June marks an important time for all of us as we recognize Alzheimer's and the significant impact it has on individuals, families, and communities.
At the Alzheimer's / Dementia Rotary Action Group (ADRAG), we are dedicated to raising awareness, providing support, and fostering hope for those affected by these challenging conditions.
Our mission at ADRAG is not just to bring attention to Alzheimer's but to mobilize action and resources that can lead to meaningful change. This month, we call upon you to join us in our efforts by supporting the initiatives and programs that ADRAG champions.

One way to support ADRAG is by encouraging others to become members. For a minimum annual donation of $25, individuals can join ADRAG and help us in our mission to assist those living with Alzheimer's and dementia. Membership not only supports our initiatives but also connects members with a network of individuals committed to making a difference.

Additionally, members can take an active role by organizing fundraising activities. By filling out the ADRAG fundraising request form, we provide the tools and resources needed to run various fundraising events on behalf of ADRAG. Creativity and dedication can make a significant impact in raising funds and awareness.

Another powerful way to make a difference is by participating in a Community Benefit Business Network (CBBN). The concept of the CBBN echoes the very principles upon which Rotary was founded. When Paul Harris established Rotary in 1905, his vision was to create a network of professionals who could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lasting friendships while making a positive impact on their communities. The Community Benefit Business Networks we are developing today are a modern extension of this vision, fostering collaboration between businesses and Rotary to drive community support and development.

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CBBNs are innovative business networks being established by Rotary Districts nationwide. These networks involve local businesses that commit to contributing a portion of the proceeds from their products and services to causes supported by Rotarians, such as ADRAG. By doing so, they create a sustainable flow of funds that can significantly bolster our efforts to combat Alzheimer's and dementia.

We are excited to announce that ADRAG is actively seeking to collaborate with Districts to set up CBBNs in their areas. Through our partnership with Our Mayberry, the platform driving these networks, we aim to create robust, community-focused initiatives that leverage local business contributions to support our cause.

Warm regards,

Bill Shillito

Chairman, ADRAG


For additional information or assistance, Please contact:

Chris Nakea

Public Image Coordinator, ADRAG