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Resolutions Committee
The District 9810 Resolutions Committee is responsible for guiding the development of our District By-Laws and Protocols. It also oversees the process by which resolutions from our clubs and our District, can be presented to the RI triennial Council on Legislation (COL).

The District 9810 Resolutions Committee comprises the District Governor, District Governor Elect and the immediate past four District Governors. The Chair is selected by the District Governor. They are responsible for the timely and accurate receipt, processing and transmission of resolutions to Rotary International via the Resolutions Session. Further, they are responsible for the monitoring and update of District By-Laws and Protocols.

 Council on Legislation 2007

The most recent Council on Legislation was held from 22 to 28 April 2007 in Chicago USA and the District 9810 representative was PDG Brian Foley.  Over the five days the council considered 336 agenda items submitted by districts worldwide as well as some items proposed by the RI board.In summary, 14 items were referred to the Board without a formal vote, 96 items were approved, 152 items were rejected and 74 were withdrawn by the proposers either before or during the council. Some of the significant matters agreed included:

Reduction in the minimum attendance requirement of members to attend 50% of club meetings per year.

Fast tracking of Foundation alumni into Rotary membership Inclusion of the Four Avenues of service into the wording of the standard club constitution

 Provision that the RI Board may suspend or terminate a club that fails to address properly an allegation of violation of youth protection laws

 Provision that an existing club president shall continue to serve as president until a successor is appointed who has attended PETS and district assembly or alternative appropriate training

 Introduced a new membership qualification for a person "Being a community leader who has demonstrated through personal involvement on community affairs a commitment to service and the object of Rotary".  (This change was widely acclaimed as important for Rotary moving into the 21st century).

 Strengthening of the procedures relating to selection of the RI president, directors and other senior Rotary leaders.

 Bringing forward the date for submission of resolutions for consideration at future Councils.

 Per capita RI dues were approved for the next three years.  There is no increase in 2007-08 and an increase of $1(US) in each of the following three years.

District 9810 had one resolution submitted and approved at the Council.  This resolution recommended that up to 30% District Designated Funds may be allocated as District Simplified Grants and has since been taken into account by The Rotary Foundation in reviewing the humanitarian grants program.

Enactments and resolutions adopted at the last Council covered a wide range of Rotary procedures, programs and activities and are now incorporated in the 2007 edition of the RI Manual of Procedure which is available on the RI website and will forwarded to all clubs shortly in hard copy form. Where these changes affect club activities, the RI Standard Club Constitution and the recommended Model Club By-Laws have been amended accordingly. All clubs should now have formally adopt these revised constitutional documents.

Follow this link for further information on the Rotary International Council on Legislation

 Council on Legislation in 2010.

The next Council session was held in April 2010 and PDG Bob Richards was elected as the District 9810 representative. Resolutions and Enactments for consideration at that Council meeting was considered at the district conference in 2008. Resolutions are written in a formal manner and examples are given in the Manual of Procedure. The Resolutions Committee can assist in drafting proposals so clubs can put forward proposals for change which they feel will improve Rotary.

To download a copy of our district by-laws, please visit the Adminstration and Policies page, under District 9810 on this website.

For further information concerning resolutions, by-laws or any related matter, please contact Chairman PDG Bob Richards