This section of the District Website will be dynamic, in the sense that it will be constantly updated with improvements. We aim to support clubs in the quest to increase membership by 75 net.

It is our belief that before people will join Rotary, they need to be well informed on exactly what Rotary is, its mission, how it functions, and how members work together to achieve Rotary goals (both local and international). People will make their decision on whether to join Rotary on the basis of how they assess your individual club.

Prior to asking people to join Rotary, you may like to find out people's attitude to volunteering some time to contribute to the good of the community.

Their knowledge and understanding of Rotary may then lead them to making an informed decision to become members.

Therefore the two areas of Marketing/Public Relations and Membership have been combined in a single entity to provide an effective committee structure with the ability and skill sets to create programs for Rotary awareness and membership, and then effectively deliver them. The committee structure recognised the essential connection between Marketing and Membership.

Chairman of the Membership and Marketing Committee is PP Geoff Haw of the Rotary Club of Wheelers Hill, following on from the excellent leadership shown by PDG Jenny Coburn and DGE David Alexander..

This committee is well structured with a number of very experienced Rotarians with an excellent range of professional and business backgrounds, which is most useful across such a broad area. The members of the Committee are currently, for 2009 - 2010, as follows:

Geoff Haw, Wheelers Hill [Chair]        Gail Robertson Chelsea
Annie McBride, Monbulk                   Russell Warmington, Nunawading
Norm Casey, Healesville                   Jeff Steel, Knox
Kevin Harrison, Chelsea                   John White, Boronia (RDU rep)
John Williams, Noble Park                 Malcolm Chiverton, Box Hill Central

Ex Officio Members, 2009-10 are
PRIT Ian Riseley; PDG Dick Garner (also RI Zone 8 Public Image Coordinator); DG David Forster; DGE David Alexander; DGN Juliet Riseley; PDG Jenny Coburn (Club Visioning); Kylie McMillan, Rotaract

The following links will take you to extremely useful files that will greatly assist clubs in finding ideas about marketing and membership....

Useful Notes from the Zone Membership Meeting
Saturday 1/08/09 - Victorian Session

What in the World is Rotary?
Promotional DVD by RC of Lane Cove

New Rotary Printed Posters: The Silent Salesmen

District Property List of Resources available for loan

Membership / Marketing / Public Relations Committee:
3 Year Strategy

Club Directions and Planning; Rotary Themes for Months


For any enquiries relating to Marketing and Membership, please contact Chairman Geoff Haw.

Alternatively you could:

Visit the RI website section on Membership.

Another very useful tool developed by PDG Jenny is the Rotary Health Check. This provides a qualitative basis for assessing just how well your club is going in terms of membership development, marketing and public image, leadership, meetings, service and social activities, finances and other factors. Click on the following link to download the health check and use it to make a realistic assessment of the club's overall performance:

The Rotary Health Check

A related process to review club progress is the Club Clinic.   The Club Clinic is conducted as a part of an annual review of club performance.  The Club Clinic is facilitated by a person outside the club.  This may be the club's Assistant Governor, a member of the District Membership Committee or a Past Governor or DGE.

Once the club decides to undertake The Club Clinic, the particular meeting is set aside for this purpose in totality.  Members are reminded the week before that the Clinic will be held and what a positive opportunity it is for them to put forward their contributions on the club activities.  Click on the following link to download a copy of the Club Clinic Form.

How to Propose a New Member

Rotary International has developed a brochure incorporating details of the process for proposing a new member to the club board and an application form.  You can download this brochure by clicking on the following link:   RI Membership Form 254en.

The District Marketing and Membership committee has developed an alternative membership proposal form that can be downloaded from the following link.  District 9810 generic membership application.

Either of these forms can be used to nominate a prospective member.