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ARHRF - Ride for Research $$$

The District 9810 Ride for Research $$$s is a major fund raiser conducted to assist the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund. Each year since 1986, Rotary clubs of District 9810 have been undertaking 700km+ bike rides to raise funds for medical research projects.

Initially the ride started as a project of the Rotary Club of Knoxfield and was known as `Peddlin' Pete with only a few riders participating. As the number of riders grew and the event reached 70 participants, it became the "Rotary Ride for Research $$$s. Over the years the ride has covered an incredible distacne totalling 18,100kms and raised over $650,000 for the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund (ARHRF). Other districts have now adopted the idea and are riding to their conferences.

The event is designed to fulfil several valuable functions:

  • To raise funds for the Rotary Health Research Fund
  • To promotes Health Awareness.
  • To increase Rotary awareness and foster goodwill in the community.
  • To provide an opportunity for service and fellowship
  • To give encouragement and experience to the Exchange students who participate

It is now supported by Rotarians, families, friends, exchange students and others from clubs throughout our District. The project is based around a bicycle ride to the District Conference. The Bike Ride always takes a rather circuitous route - leaving Melbourne about one week prior to Conference and arriving just before the Conference starts.

Local Rotary Clubs in each town welcomed the bike riders on their overnight and lunch stops at specially organised functions.   The fellowship between the participants on the ride indicated the success of the event, as everyone comes together to contribute. At each location the Mayor and other officials signed a 'goodwill scroll' which is presented to the district governor at the Annual Conference as a gesture of friendship.

How far will I ride? The simple answer is as far as you like!  Riders are split into four groups, depending on ability and fitness - from those that train regularly to those that have never ridden, or not ridden for a long time. The teams work in a relay, and support vehicles will pick you up if you are tired and need a rest. This allows us to travel the distances we need each day and allows us to put the teams out on the road in locations that will provide you a challenge, but be within your ability.

Funds are raised by sponsorship of the riders and by donations received during the Ride itself. Individual Clubs also sponsor their riders and /or exchange student. There are a number of ways you can be involved - either, as riders or part of the support crew driver.

Information about the 2009 Ride
The ARHRF- Ride for Research $$$ is now in its 23rd year and plans are well underway for the ride to Hobart in March 2009. The District ride in 2008 from Lilydale to Albury raised over $50,000 for the ARHRF

This year the District 9810 ride will form the first leg of an around-Australia bike ride (The Great Australian Bike ride) starting and finishing in Melbourne. Its aim is to raise $1million for research into the mental health and well-being of young Australians.

The ride is being organised by Australian Rotary Health Research Fund who will be coordinating the most ambitious bike ride ever held in Australia. The Great Australian Bike ride is a nine stage relay ride around the country, beginning and ending in Melbourne.

Utilising the hospitality of Rotarians and the support of the community this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a a healthy challenge for a good cause. Whether it's for a week from Melbourne to Hobart, or seven weeks from Darwin to Perth, here's your chance to be part of this great cycling event.  You only ride the distances that you feel comfortable with, there is no pressure to ride for longer than you capability. Support vehicles are always behind you to assist and you can motor if you cannot continue to cycle

If cycling in not your thing you can give support by sponsoring a rider from your club or a neighbouring club. Ride have started in place like Mornington and went to the Treasury Gardens for an official launch which included riders from other districts joining for the big send off.

The example of a full program taken from the 2009 Great Australian Bike Ride:

        Stage 1 - 21-27 March               Melbourne to Hobart

Stage 2 - 27-29 March               Hobart to Melbourne

Stage 3 - 29 March-17 April      Melbiurne to Sydney

Stage 4 - 19 April-7 May             Sydney to Brisbane

Stage 5 - 9-22 May                      Brisbane to Townsville

Stage 6 - 24 May-26 June          Townsville to Darwin

Stage 7 - 28 June-14 August     Darwin to Perth

Stage 8 - 16 August-25 September   Perth to Adelaide

Stage 9 - 27 September-10 October  Adelaide to Melbourne


Further information can be found on the following website: