Australian Rotary Health Research
Australian Rotary Health  is a registered charity wholly owned and managed by Rotary in Australia. It is funded by donations from Rotary Clubs, individual Rotarians and funding partners.

District 9810 is a big supporter of Australian Rotary Health (ARH). Since 1986 our District has donated $2,236,339 as at July 2009. and this is the second largest donation of all the 23 Districts in Australia.

ARH was conceived in 1981 when Ian Scott of the Rotary Club of Mornington proposed that a fund be established with the aim of raising a minimum $2 million through Rotary clubs across Australia to invest the money raised and use the income in a particular field of health research. The subsequent research has encompassed a wide vision and includes all aspects of community health. The intention has become to be a catalyst for projects that improve the quality of life for those least able to assist themselves and at the same time fund areas of community health not currently being funded from government sources

A total of $25,236,339 has been donated to the fund since it's foundation. In the first year, 1986 Research grants totalled $100,552 and in 2008 the total grants were $3,385,585. The amount granted in 2009 adds up to $3,416,929. In total $21,901,945 has been expended on research since 1986.

Like nearly all charities the value of the funds investments and the income derived from them has decreased significantly in the last 18 months. This inevitably has adversely affected the Fund's ability to provide the same level of grants as previously and this will be felt more in 2010. Continuing strong support for ARH is essential if we are to provide the level of research that we have achieved in the past.

Rotary clubs and Rotarians are encouraged to consider the importance and value of ARH to our communities and the health of disadvantaged groups when deciding on the allocation of their charitable donations

Australian Rotary Health belongs to us. It is up to us to help fund it for the benefit of the community

More information and assistance with health projects can be obtained  from the Chairman of the District ARH Committee, John Beaty on 0400 988 208 or, or any member of the ARH committee as listed in the District Directory.