Rotary Alumni
Rotary Alumni can often be Rotary's most passionate advocates of our work and impact and can be particularly motivated following their Rotary experience to continue their relationship with Rotary, take on further available opportunities, collaborate with Rotarians and fellow Alumni and make positive and lasting change.
The District Alumni Committee aims to:
  • Develop and promote opportunities for alumni to:
    • engage with Rotary in our District and globally;
    • maintain relationships with other alumni in our district
  • Encourage Rotarians to build relationships with alumni and to work with them on projects and fundraisers
The District Alumni Committee’s primary tasks are to:
  • Make sure that Club and District leaders know about alumni in the District and recognize that they are an important part of the Rotary family
  • Inform alumni in the District about the good that Rotary does and about any alumni events that take place:
    • Rotary provides opportunities to join leaders from all continents, cultures and occupations to take action and exchange ideas.
    • Rotary provides opportunities to use and/or develop professional skills including by taking advantage of a scholarship and/or participating in vocational training
    • They can make a lasting change by donating to Rotary and sharing skills
    • They can engage and network with fellow alumni
    • They can create positive and lasting change by joining a Rotaract or Rotary Club or assist these Clubs with their projects
The District Alumni Committee can assist Clubs to:
  • Develop an action plan for keeping alumni involved in Rotary activities and eventually inviting them to become members
  • Encourage alumni to start new Rotary clubs or satellite clubs
  • Involve alumni in other programs (for example, encourage a Youth Exchange alumnus to join a Rotaract club)
  • Involve alumni in club and District activities like service projects, meetings, and conferences
Who are Alumni?
'Rotary Alumni' refers to those people who have been selected for, and taken part and completed (graduated) involvement with the programs of Rotary International, the Rotary Foundation and /or programs run by Rotary Districts including:
  • Earlyact, Interact and Rotaract
  • Rotary Youth Exchange
  • New Generations Service Exchange
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN), Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
  • Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships
  • Rotary Global Grant Scholarships
  • Ambassadorial Scholarships
  • Grants for University Teachers
  • Group Study Exchange (GSE) (members and leaders)
  • Vocational training teams (members and leaders)
  • other regional programs
Registration of Rotary Alumni
Rotary Alumni are encouraged to create a ‘My Rotary’ account  via the Rotary International website and register their Rotary experience. The District Committee utilises the Alumni records from Rotary International rather than maintain its own register of Alumni.
Online Questionnaires for Rotary Alumni
If your Club is in contact with Rotary Alumni or would be interested in sharing the below in your Club newsletter, the District's Alumni Committee would be grateful if you could please ask alumni to consider completing the following online forms:
Advertise Volunteering Opportunities for Alumni
  • Rotary Clubs may  register details of upcoming volunteering opportunities for Rotary Alumni via this form ( Opportunities will be passed onto Alumni either via their Facebook page, Alumni bi-annual newsletter and/or email.
Club Alumni Liaison Officer
Clubs are encouraged to consider appointing a Club Alumni Liaison Officer/s (or like position/s) to coordinate the Club's efforts in re-connecting and engaging with the Rotary Foundation and Youth Alumni. Please let the District Alumni Committee know if you appoint an Alumni Liaison so that we can provide them with resources to assist them with their role. 
Alumni Bi-Annual Newsletter
There is a bi-annual newsletter aimed at Alumni. Rotary Clubs are encouraged to:
  • contribute stories relating to Alumni that may be of interest, such as a 'where are they now' article (this can include reference to any members who are Rotary Alumni) and any highlights on re-engaging with Alumni (e.g. participation in projects, Alumni becoming members, visits by or to Alumni (e.g. if/when visiting the Alumni at their interstate or overseas Rotary Club) etc.
  • advertise Volunteering opportunities (see note above); and
  • distribute a copy to their Alumni.
If you have a contribution please email them to the District’s Alumni Committee unless its a volunteering opportunity then please use the above form.
Rotary Alumni Pins
  • Rotary Alumni Pins are available for purchase. Rotary Clubs are encouraged to present an Alumni Pin to their sponsored candidates upon completion of their experience. Alumni of any Rotary Youth or Foundation Program or Scholarship are also welcome to purchase their own. Order via:
Rotary Alumni Global Service Award
  • This award is the highest honour by Rotary for it's alumni and recognises an outstanding Rotary alumnus or alumna each year whose career, activities and service to humanity illustrate the impact of Rotary's programs. The nomination period commences 1 July until 15 September of each year. All Rotary alumni are eligible for consideration. More information and the nomination form is available via:
Rotary Reconnect Week (second week of October)
All around the world, Rotarians and alumni reconnect annually during the second week of October for Rotary's Reconnect Week to share their experiences, celebrate the programs/opportunities they were involved in, network and exchange ideas. Rotary Clubs are particularly encouraged to initiate opportunities to connect with Alumni during this week.
District Alumni Committee Members
  • Chair - Kehela Vandenberg (Rotary Club of Mount Waverley)
  • Members:
    • Alan Bamford (Rotary Club of Monash)
    • Carol Lawton (Rotary Club of Maroondah)
    • Kathy Monley OAM (Rotary Club of Manningham City)