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District Website

The District 9810 website (rotarydistrict9810.org.au) supports District communications, both internal and external. It provides access to many resources for Clubs. The website includes a calendar of events, copies of the District newsletter, current news, and important information from District leaders, including all Avenues of Service, the Rotary Foundation, and Governance.
A member access section includes important downloads and information about Policies, Guidelines, and Insurance.
All enquiries, updates and additions to the website should be made to the District Webmaster.

District Webmaster

All website content must be approved by the Website Webmaster in consultation with the District Governor. Our aim is to provide Rotarians, prospective Rotarians, the media, community leaders, program beneficiaries, the general public, potential volunteers, donors, and our current, and prospective, corporate partners with relevant and correct information about our District.
District Webmaster:  Gus Rozycki - Belgrave 

Public Relations Liaison

DGE Ken Miller is well known to the District as our past Public Image & Communications Chair as well as our incoming District Governor in 2022. Ken will continue to be a driving force in this very important area of our District and is always available to consult and offer advice on any Public Image & Communications matters along with the new chair. 
Public Relations Liaison:  Ken Miller - Emerald & District

Social Media

Rotary District 9810 recognises that people communicate in different ways. Our aim is to continue to increase our social media profile, using Facebook and YouTube. Other clubs use Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram to extend their reach to the highest possible audience.
Social Media Contact:  Kai Xing Goh - Mont Albert & Surrey Hills

The District 9810 Facebook Page (facebook.com/rotarydistrict9810) promotes Rotary within District 9810. The page has information and stories about District and Club events, activities, general Rotary inspiration and other items of interest. It is quirky, interesting and a fun way to know what’s happening in and around the District. We encourage every Rotary Club to like and share the page.
Accompanying our increased social media presence, is to continue encouraging the use of more videos to communicate news. All Clubs in the District will be encouraged to use video in addition to the traditional methods to tell their stories. The video can then be shared on social media, at club meetings, and in other ways.  We can assist clubs to produce their own (less than one minute) video stories, outlining a project, member, or item of interest from their club. This need not be a big budget production and can easily be created on a smartphone or tablet.   We encourage clubs to engage with their local schools who have their own production equipment and a ready-made audience to learn more about Rotary. our District, our Clubs, our projects and our programs.
‘Rotary in Action’ (RiA) can be heard on radio station 96.5 InnerFM and goes to air live every Tuesday afternoon between 3 and 4 p.m. RiA is a truly multi-District endeavour with Rotarians from D9800, D9810 and D9790 continuing the long-standing tradition, with the continuing support of 96.5 InnerFM.  ‘Rotary in Action’ is a vibrant, magazine style format, aimed specifically at the general listening audience, with studio guests and Rotary community announcements, mixed in with some great music. Listeners enjoy the interaction between presenter and guest as they share the wonderful story of Rotary, via the FM radio band, on the internet and via social media and smartphone. Expressions of interest in becoming a guest on the show, or providing announcements to share with listeners, can be directed to
Greg King on mobile 0416 045 157 or via email on gregking.rotary@gmail.com
Rotary Radio Contact:  Greg King – Manningham
Keeping the Rotary image consistent and recognisable is an important part of the global brand that is Rotary.  All clubs are requested to inventory their usage of Rotary branding materials in all printed, electronic, and on-line material.  Ensuring that all uses of the Rotary brand are in line with the RI guidelines is a specific club responsibility.
For all information related to the use of Rotary logos, see the RI Brand Centre at Rotary Brand Centre,  
Rotary Marketing Materials
There is an extensive range of marketing tools, strategies, and skills available to assist our Rotary clubs to ensure that their projects and events reach the best possible outcome. These are set out in the attached links.
Rotary Learning Centre
District Communications
Rotary Marketing Materials contact:  Peter Behm – Noble Park Dingley
The 9810 District Conference
camaraderie of the entire District along with some of the best Guest Speakers you will see. Ticket Sales commence in October with the opportunity to get the members of your club to attend this once in a lifetime event.
Seminars and Training
Throughout the year, we will be running various workshops that will assist your clubs in a range of subjects for those clubs who are interested in Public Image segments.
Monday 30th August via Zoom – Social Media workshop
Sunday 3rd October via Zoom – Membership and Public Image Seminar

Meet the Team
Chair - Peter Behm, Noble Park - Dingley
Team Liaison - Ken Miller, Emerald and District
Photos - Ian Ballantine, Bentleigh Moorabbin Central
Social Media - Kai Xing Goh - Mont Albert & Surrey Hills
Webmaster - Gus Rozycki - Belgrave
Publicity - Michael Ellinger - Oakleigh Clayton Huntingdale
Support Clubs with Public Image and Communications
The primary function of the Public Image and Communications committee is to help clubs improve their own public image, communications, and marketing.  
Rotary Down Under Products and Services
RDU products and services can be obtained by contacting RDU Supplies in Parramatta, NSW. Visit their website www.rdusupplies.com.au for more information and to purchase current products online.

PR/Marketing within your club
This is an important position within your club, and we would encourage your club to appoint someone with an interest to help expand your clubs’ capabilities within Marketing, Websites, Bulletins, Social Media and advertising. Our team is ready to assist you with this role and wish your club the best of success in this area. Michael and Ian from BMC are two Rotarians that can help with publicity and photos.

Media and Rotary Down Under (RDU) Liaison
Rotary Down Under is the magazine for members of Clubs in Districts in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Media and RDU Liaison Manager. 
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